Legislative Update

Claudia Pohl

Sunset Review
The Dental Board is undergoing Sunset Review with a final date of January 2020. This happens every 4 years and is a process by which the performance of the Board is discussed with recommendations made for improvements. All Boards in California respond to the same set of questions.  The DBC has submitted their report and can be found on their website.  Hearings will then be held in March 2019 when they and stakeholders will go before the legislature and answer questions.

RDA Program Re-Evaluations

As previously reported, the DBC is reevaluating RDA programs.  Many programs have not been reevaluated since their original approval. The current process allows 6 weeks to provide documentation, however the DBC is allowing for extensions on a case-by-case basis.  The first stage of reevaluation includes 50 programs were chosen based on the findings of the Law & Ethics and RDA Written Exam school statistics and the year the program was given full approval.  Five letters are being sent each month.  SMEs are then given the documentation for evaluation, which can take between 60-90 days.  The Board is doing site visits on a case-by-case basis.  

Of the 45 programs that have received letters, 8 have closed their program, five have been re-approved, 3 programs have not responded.  More information can be found in Meeting Materials for October 29, 2018 on the DBC calendar.

Pomona Valley Dental Assistants Society